There are many different levels of college basketball.  Not everyone has to play in a NCAA Division I program.  If you think you have what it takes to play at the next level there is some information you need to know about college eligibility and the recruiting process.  Below are a few links and documents that are good resources for anyone who is going to play college basketball.

Black Hawks at the Next Level

#24 Duan Tate – Class of 2018, Chandler-Gilbert Community College

#2 Trent Worden – Class of 2018, Benedictine University

#21 Wyatt Lowell – Class of 2016, Utah Valley University

#1 Tyler Mohney – Class of 2015, Central Arizona College

#11 Tyler Orlando – Class of 2015, Wisconsin Lutheran College

#50 Marshall Thompson – Class of 2015, Embry Riddle University

#4 Carter Rushton – Class of 2014, Big Bend Community College

#34 Joanathan Bledsoe – Class of 2013, Bethany College

#12 Hayden Allen – Class of 2012, Chandler-Gilbert Community College

#20 Steve Larkin – Class of 2011, West Florida University

#23 Tyrone Baker – Class of 2010, Marywood University




NCAA Recruiting Website

This is a link to the NCAA recruiting website, below are some documents from this site.

NCAA Eligibility Reference Guide 

Quick Reference Sheet (NCAA Eligibility)

NAIA Website
This is a link to the NAIA website

NAIA Eligibility Information

NJCAA College Website 
This is a link to the Junior College website

NJCAA Eligibility Pamphlet